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UCL New Student Centre

Russel worked as project leader for Nicholas Hare Architects for the New Student Centre at UCL, from inception to the start of works on site.


UCL is one of the world's leading multidisciplinary universities, with a global reputation for excellence. The flagship building will reinforce UCL's commitment to creating the most exciting university in the world at which to study and work. The building will provide a progressive and flexible environment that enhances the lives of UCL students and supports their needs and learning in the heart of the Bloomsbury campus.

The New Student Centre will be built on the last piece of undeveloped land on Gordon Street, adjacent to the Bloomsbury Theatre. The building is designed to achieve exemplary sustainability targets. Construction started in 2016 and completed in 2019.

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Photos: Alan Williams

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University of Southampton

Student Services Centre

Russel worked as project leader for Nicholas Hare Architects for the Student Services Centre at University of Southampton, which won a RIBA regional award.

The award winning Centre provides a 'one-stop-shop' for the student services centre at the University's Highfield Campus. The building is naturally ventilated and uses the thermal mass of the structure to assist in cooling. Photovoltaic cells on the atrium roof provide solar power and return energy to the grid. Rainwater is harvested and artificial lighting minimised.

The atrium links the new offices to the original administration building. It provides a generous entrance and collecting place for students.

Photos courtesy Nicholas Hare Architects

"Not only did your team finish off the new building in some style, and on time, but they also completed the double, with the addition of a tricky refurbishment on the ground floor of the old building, successfully linking it with the new atrium, and continuing the style of the new into the old, with economy and imagination."

John Brightwell, University of Southampton

Oval Basin

Russel worked as project leader for Nicholas Hare Architects for the Oval Basin at the Cardiff waterfront, which won a RIBA regional award.

The multi-functional, external space provides a heart to the developing waterfront area.  Conceived as a gentle arrival from the city centre to the water's edge, the space infills the original dock basin with a timber decked inclined plane, framed on each side with precast concrete amphitheatre seating.

Photos courtesy Nicholas Hare Architects