Whether it’s a new building or updating and extending an existing building, we approach each project with an open mind and enthusiasm. 


We are very aware how well-being and happiness are directly affected and shaped by our surroundings, and work hard to create considered and beautiful spaces through choice of products, materials and lighting. 

We strive to create architecture that belongs and is sensitive to its context and surroundings. We love developing the plan form and intricacies of the section, and have a keen eye for proportion, light and the spaces between buildings.

Projects develop a rigorous simplicity and elegance, both spatially and materially, through interrogation of their essence and what is most valued.  We aim for calm, order and timelessness, intrinsic qualities that contribute to the richness of the final design.

We enjoy making and reusing things. We are passionate about quality and craftsmanship.  This is important for any construction work to ensure longevity, and in particular for Passivhaus projects as its holistic approach relies on accuracy and thoroughness to ensure the building will perform as designed.